Edward Snowden’s Caring Reminder to Mike Johnson: Steer Clear of Red Lines.

Former National Security Agency intelligence contractor Edward Snowden shared concerns about U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson’s potential challenges within his own party if he supports warrantless surveillance.

Johnson, relatively new in his role, faces scrutiny tied to defense spending and the inclusion of an extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Edward Snowden's Caring Reminder to Mike Johnson: Steer Clear of Red Lines.

There’s an internal memo floating around likening Johnson’s approach to that of past House Speaker John Boehner, hinting at potential fallout within the Republican party.

Snowden expressed worry over the inclusion of a warrantless surveillance extension, citing the potential misuse by the FBI and urging caution against it.

When contacted for comment, Johnson’s office didn’t immediately respond. The debate around FISA Section 702, allowing surveillance of non-American citizens abroad without warrants, raises concerns about the privacy of American citizens and how their data might be stored and used.

Edward Snowden’s Caring Reminder to Mike Johnson.

Johnson faces criticism from fellow Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who expressed dissatisfaction over various measures in the NDAA. Greene alleged an agreement between Johnson and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, expressing strong opposition to the bill.

In response, Johnson’s office defended the contents of the NDAA, highlighting their focus on national defense priorities and distancing themselves from certain social initiatives they feel have adversely affected military operations.

The back-and-forth debate underscores differing perspectives within the Republican party and the broader discussions around national security and privacy concerns.

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